Completing Student Orientation Course
Posted by Margaret Thomas on 06 June 2013 08:49 AM


How to Complete GaVS Student Orientation Course


1.        Login with your username and password here:


2.        Click the “Classes and Orientation” link on the left.


3.        Click the link to Student Orientation on the right side of your page



4.        The first thing to do is read the News found in the center of the course homepage for updates on what to do. The News items and announcements are an important part to all GAVS courses - read them!



5.        Click Course Materials at the top of the page.




6.        Select Content.


7.        The content (modules 1-5) for the course will be listed. Proceed through each of the five modules in order completing the sign-offs and practice assessments as you go.


8. You must complete all sign-offs, and make a 100 on the final quiz in order to complete student orientation.


If there are questions, please submit a helpdesk ticket.


Remember that you will not gain access to your class until the first start date of the semester.



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