Completing the Software Release
Posted by Margaret Thomas on 06 June 2013 12:10 PM

A software release must be signed for courses in which GaVS will ship materials to students. To sign the software release, students should follow the below instructions:

1. Log in to the student GaVS account.

2. Scroll down to My Tasks in the center of the student dashboard.

3. If a software release is required to be signed, the link to software release will show the number of releases requiring signatures.


4. Click the Software Release Required Due link.

5. The course requiring the software release will be listed.


6. Click Software Release Required.

7. The software release will be visible on a pop-up window. Read the release.

8. Enter the correct mailing address for the location where the software should be shipped. Make necessary changes because this is the address where GaVS will ship your course materials.


9. Click the box next to agree to the release form.

10. Click submit release form.

11. Your software release is now complete, and your application has moved to the next step in the process.

Georgia Department of Education