Private School Students
Posted by Margaret Thomas on 19 February 2014 08:40 PM

The Georgia Virtual School provides opportunities and options for Georgia students to engage in Advanced Placement, college preparatory, career and technical courses, and other electives online to enhance their learning experiences. 

Local schools must provide students access to an Internet connected computer. If the student is taking the course off campus at home, the school must verify that access is present. Schools must also provide a school facilitator who will act as a liaison between the local school and Georgia Virtual School. Facilitators approve all courses that a student requests to take with Georgia Virtual School.  A final requirement for participation in the program is the school has to agree to accept and transcribe the students' grades at the end of the semester. Georgia Virtual School does not grant credit.

Private school students taking a GaVS course as part of their regular school day may or may not be required to pay tuition. Please contact the local private school to determine if the school or the individual student is requirement to make payment for a GaVS course.

Georgia Department of Education