Content Won't Display in My GaVS Course
Posted by Margaret Thomas on 25 February 2014 09:59 AM

If you cannot see course content, you will want to check the security of your browser when using Firefox v45 or higher, Chrome, Internet Explorer (PC and Windows 8), or Edge (Windows 10).

The steps below indicate what the directions will be for all cases. The difference is where the shield occurs. Please page down to your browser version to see where the shield or pop-up will occur. Then follow the steps for changing it. If you complete the following steps and you are still experiencing problems, please page down to the bottom for additional resources. (Please note: Some content will not display on a mobile device if Flash is not supported.)


Firefox v45 or higher

In the upper left corner, next to the address bar you will see what looks like an "i." Select the "i." The following will open. Select the arrow next to connection in Not secure.

Once you select the arrow, you will be see the following open. Choose to disable protection for now. The page will refresh and you should be able to see your content.


Chrome Versions 79-81

Click on the lock in the far left of the URL.

Click on Site Settings.

Scroll down to Insecure Content.

Change Block to Allow.


Additional information:

Internet Explorer


Receive Popup Message

Answer NO (you do not want ONLY secure content)


Internet Explorer

(Windows 8)


(Windows 10)

The shield appears on the far right of the web address.

Click on the shield and select to See all content. Once this is done, the page refreshes and the content can be seen.




No known issues.


Additional Resources

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Quicktime and Quicktime Pulg-in Mac Only

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