Personal Fitness Course
Posted by Margaret Thomas on 09 May 2014 08:54 PM

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the GaVS Personal Fitness course.


Q: Can I utilize a tablet to complete Personal Fitness?

A: Yes, a tablet is permissible as long as you have access to an internet connection.


Q: Is there specific software I need to download or access?

A: There are no specific software requirements for Personal Fitness.


Q: How many workout must I complete each week?

A: Students are required to complete 6-7 workouts per week during the summer semester. Each workout will be 30-45 minutes in length. The workouts are recorded on a fitness log, and it is turned in weekly to the instructor. All 6-7 weekly workouts are recorded on the same log.


Q: How are the fitness logs completed?

A: GaVS does require handwritten signatures on our Fitness Logs.  Therefore students must have access to a printer and have the ability to scan or take a picture of their completed Fitness logs to upload to the Dropbox.


Q: Who can sign the fitness logs?

A: The fitness sponsor can be a parent, coach, teacher, or counselor. The fitness sponsor needs to be present at the time of the workout or must be able to verify that the student completed the workout as it is recorded on the fitness log. The fitness coach does not have to be the same person for each workout. For example, it might be a parent for some and a coach for others.


Q: What are the face to face requirements?

A: GaVS does not have face-to-face requirements for courses.


Q: Is “book work” required?

A: While fitness logs constitute about 50% of the personal fitness course, there are additional requirements (i.e. discussions, assignments, quizzes and tests) for the course.


Q: What constitutes a workout?

A: A workout must be 30-45 minutes in length where the student is reaching his/her target heart rate.


Q: How long must the strenuous workouts be?  Can they be done in bulk or do they have to be done by completing a certain number per day?  For example, if there must be a total of 35 that are completed over the course of 5 weeks, that's an average of 1 per day . . . can a student double up on the workouts for several days and have several days with no workouts?

A: Students have a required number of workouts that are due each week. However, students are only permitted to complete a maximum of 2 per day. So theoretically, the student could have days during the week with no workouts if they choose to do this.  The workouts range from 30 to 45 mins where students must reach their target heart rate.


Q: What is the status “waiting on waiver” and how do I access the waiver?

A: An application for personal fitness is “waiting on waiver” when the parent needs to sign the waiver granting the student permission to participate in the physical activity required for the course. The waiver is emailed from Georgia Virtual School to the parent email address on file. The parent email address was provided when the student created his/her student account.


Q: What do I do if I do not receive the personal fitness waiver via email?

A: Please use the link to request the waiver be resent to you.


Q: Can I work ahead and if so, are these specifics guidelines for this?

A: Students can work ahead in their courses, but we always ask students to log in daily Monday-Friday as teachers may post new information within the course. However, working ahead in the course does not allow a student to take a final exam early and students can only complete a maximum of 2 workout per day. Final exam dates for summer semester are posted on the student dashboard and the GaVS website.


Q: What is the FitnessGram? Can my student complete the FitnessGram early if needed?

A: The FitnessGram consists of five simple fitness assessments. Students are not graded on their performance but rather on completing the tests and recording their scores accurately. Students can complete the FitnessGram early if needed. 


Q: Will my student receive a heart rate monitor or need to purchase any special equipment for the course?

A: GaVS no longer uses the heart rate monitors for our Personal Fitness course. Instead, students document their workouts using a fitness log that is provided within the course. They will not need to purchase any special equipment to measure their heart rate. They will learn how to measure carotid and arterial pulse during the course. 

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