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Posted by Margaret Thomas on 03 July 2014 02:08 PM

Students are required to select a course session when applying for GaVS courses. During fall and spring semesters this could be the 18, 16, 14 or 12 week session, and summer semester it could be the 6 or 5 week session. In the event that a student selects the wrong session when applying for the course, the facilitator can change it to the correct session.

1. Log in to your Georgia Virtual School account.

2. On the left side menu under Administration, click switch session.

3. The below menu will appear where you will need to select four criteria from the drop down menus.

     a) Select the term.

     b) Select the current session the student has selected.

     c) Select the specific course for which the student applied, or you can select All Courses to show all.

     d) Select the status of the application. 


         You can select by application status of in process or enrollment complete, or select by status of student orientation completion.


4. The applications for the criteria selected will be displayed. Select the app(s) that you wish to change by clicking the checkbox next to the student. (Note: if you selected to show all courses, you can easily change several students at the same time.)


5. Select the new session from the drop down menu, and click the button to switch session. You will receive a confirmation of the new             session.


Note: If the student was already enrolled in the course and the session had begun, the student will come out of the course until the new session has begun. Students who are oriented and waiting on class to begin have access to Online 101 and Digital Citizenship listed under My Courses.

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