Downloading Office 365
Posted by Jason Grizzle on 11 September 2015 04:37 PM

After logging into Office 365, you can download Office 365 to up to your computer or device. If you are in O365 Outlook Mail or another program, select Office 365 in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Downloading Office 365 1

Once you select O365, you will be directed to the O365 home page.


Mac Version


Downloading Office 365 2



PC Version


Downloading Office 365 3


This is where you will see Install Now. The installation files will download to your computer for you to install. There is also documentation to assist you in downloading Office 365 to your devices. Select "Learn how to set up email and Office 365 apps on your device" and then you will be able to choose specific instructions for the device you are using.


Mac Version

Downloading Office 365 4

PC Version - Software Page - fresh install. See below if you already have MS Office on your PC.

Downloading Office 365 5

This screen appears in the PC version if you already have Office 2007 or 2010 downloaded. You will select the Desktop setup link on the left and follow the directions provided.

Downloading Office 365 6

Office 365 can be downloaded on up to 5 computers or devices.


Note: For the Mac version, you will need to visit the App Store on your computer to add OneNote.

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