Setting Notifications In Brightspace
Posted by Margaret Thomas on 27 January 2016 03:48 PM

Students can set notifications within the learning management system which enables a variety of methods of communication throughout the semester. It is important to remember to reset those notifications at the end of the semester in order to discontinue receiving general school notifications. After the semester is over, a student will lose access to the learning management system if he/she does not have a current enrollment, so the student will not be able to update the settings notification.

To set notifications:

1. Log in to your Georgia Virtual School student account.

2. Click the link to go to your classes.

3. Click the drop down arrow beside your name in the top right corner. Select notifications.

4. Update the contact methods (email and phone number), summary of activity and instant notifications.

5. Check the boxes for customized notifications.

6. Click save at the bottom if changes are made.

Remember to delete the notifications at the end of the semester!

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