Seeing a Video in Firefox
Posted by Jason Grizzle on 10 June 2016 04:37 PM

You will want to be sure that your Quicktime plugin is set to active in your web browser. Click here for more information.

Does your course have a content page where the video cannot be seen? Follow these steps to fix.

Looking at the web address at the top, select the "i" as seen in the image below. You will then want to select the arrow next to the (You may have one of these images below) If you have the 2nd image, you will have additional instructions at the end as well.

A doing that, you will receive this image. Select "More information."

You will automatically open to the general tab. Select the Permissions tab, then locate Quicktime. You can choose to always ask where it will always ask you or Allow to allow it all the time. Once you select it, close this out. Then refresh the page. Your videos will then play when selected.

Additional steps: You will also need to disable protection for now to be able to see the videos.

Georgia Department of Education