Accents for World Language Courses
Posted by Jason Grizzle on 17 June 2016 02:09 PM

By adding an additional keyboard for another language will allow you to easily insert accents for words in world langauage courses.

Windows 10

Begin by selecting the Windows Icon to open your menu. Select Computer Settings.

Under computer settings please choose Time and language.

From the Time and Language menu, you will want to select the Region and language.

In the new window, select to Add a language.

You will be able to see all available languages to choose from. Please pick the needed language such as picking Español/Spanish, then pick Español (Estados Unidos). This would add the international keyboard with the Spanish characters. The same for other languages that you choose.

You will see your selection here under the Time and Language menu. Now, when you go to the Windows 10 on-screen keyboard, choose the ESP keyboard (it will start with ENG) you can get the diacritical characters by clicking and holding the key a and then you will get the options for aãaâàä. This works for all the other characters, INCLUDING the inverted question mark and exclamation mark.

MAC (Yosemite and higher)

Begin by going to the Apple Menu and open System Preferences. Select the Language and Region(U.N. flag icon).

Select the Keyboard Preference button at the bottom of the window to open the preferences.

This next window will default to Input Sources tab. If not, please be sure this is the tab showing. Select the Input menu bar at the button of the window. Then click the + icon to open available keyboards by language.

The next window will allow you to search and select the language you desire. Select Add.

To toggle between the keyboards, you will go to the flag on the toolbar. Default will be English so the US flag will appear. Select the flag to see other available keyboards and to toggle between them.

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