How to Successfully Complete a CR Course
Posted by Margaret Thomas on 24 September 2016 09:18 AM

To work through your course: Complete Pretest for Unit One.

1. If you scored 85% or higher, you may take the unit posttest without completing any assignments in that unit.

2. If you scored lower than 85%, you must work through the unit content before you will be able to take that unit’s posttest.

3. Take and pass the unit posttest. If you score lower than 70%, you must get your school site coordinator to reset the test for you after three unsuccessful attempts.

4. After passing one unit’s posttest, you may go on to the next unit, and work through that unit in the same order.

5. For English courses only: You must submit your Required Essay(s) BEFORE the last post test in the course will release.

Please note: All post tests and final exams must be proctored by the CR site coordinator.

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