Disclaimer for Student Orientation Course (video)
Posted by Margaret Thomas on 11 July 2017 07:48 AM

Beginning Summer 2017 students who have successfully completed the student orientation course will not be required to complete the orientation course in subsequent semesters. For future semesters students will receive a disclaimer to be signed by the student agreeing to the current semesters student handbook and policies. Note that the disclaimer will not be available for the subsequent semester until the current semester ends if the student is currently enrolled in a course (i.e. Spring semester disclaimer will not be available until a Fall semester ends for student enrolled in a Fall semester course).

Students always have access to student orientation course should it be needed as a reference tool.

View the attachment for directions on completing the disclaimer, or click the link below for a video tutorial.

Completing Orientation Disclaimer

 completing disclaimer in gavs reg.pdf (227.95 KB)

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