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Jigsaw for Students
Posted by Jason Grizzle on 03 August 2017 01:00 PM

Jigsaw Troubleshooting

System Requirements:

This document lists the requirements necessary for both a PC and MAC to be able to join a Jigsaw Session. In addition, directions are provided on how to join using the Virtual Learning App from your phone or desktop. Please note that students DO NOT have access to these sessions using their mobile OS systems (Both iOS and Android) currently.

Microphone Trouble Shooting: Are you having issues with your microphone? The teacher cannot hear you when speaking. Follow these directions if using a PC: and if using a MAC follow these directions:  

Why can't I join my session?: Are you having trouble joining the session? You have ensured that you have the correct requirements and downloaded the correct applications? Sometimes browsers will block an add-on in the browser. Select this document to check your browser to ensure adobe is not blocked. and these direction to ensure your browser is allowing Pop-ups 

How to Refresh your Browser's Cache: Sometimes, your browser remembers things incorrectly and will give you trouble. You can try clearing your cache by going to this site and selecting the browser you are using.

When attending a session, the following will help aide you with some of the synchronous session tools

How to Download Attachments: At times, your teacher may release an attachment for you to download. You can download these attachments by following these directions.   

How to Resize the Panes: When working in a session, you may want a screen to be larger. By following these directions found here you will be able to resize your panes for optimal viewing.

How to Adjust the Microphone, Camera Settings (if needed) and the Notifications: Do you need to use the camera or microphone? Maybe you want to change some of the notification settings while in the session. Please use these directions, here to help with the settings.

How to Raise Your Hand to ask a question: While as a student, you will be using the Group chat often to convey comments, answers and questions, the feature to raise your hand is available by completing these steps  

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