How does my teacher track my course activity?
Posted by Margaret Thomas on 30 October 2017 04:22 PM

Georgia Virtual School teachers have access to a variety of tools within the learning management system which enable them to track a student's course activity. Below are some examples of tools that a teacher might utilize in order to track a student's activity.

1. Student Login History: Teachers can select a student in his/her course to view login dates and times for that particular student. The IP address used at that particular login session is also listed. The IP address shows the geographic location of the login session.


2. Assignment Submission Information: When a student submits an assignment in the learning management system, the teacher can see the date and time the assignment was submitted by the student. The teacher then publishes the grade on that particular assignment to the gradebook and leaves any pertinent feedback on the assignment for the student. If the student reads the feedback by the teacher, the date and time the feedback was read is also recorded. If a student attempts to submit an assignment but is unsuccessful, the teacher can see the attempted submission along with date and time.


3. Content View Statistics: If a teacher has concerns about a concept within the course, he/she can review content statistics to determine if students are spending enough time on each item. The teacher selects the content topic, and the time spent on the particular topic is available for each student enrolled in the course.

Total views for content topics

Detailed information by content topic and individual students



4. Quiz Log: Teachers can view a student's attempt(s) on a quiz as well as the date and time stamp of submission, correct and incorrect questions and score on the submission. The total time spent on the quiz/test is recorded including the time spent on each individual question within the test. This allows teachers to view how students progress through the quizzes and tests.



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