How does a GaVS course work?
Posted by Margaret Thomas on 29 July 2020 07:13 PM

GaVS courses are taught by live, Georgia certified instructors. Each instructor holds at least one synchronous (live, online) session per week. Course content is presented through content modules that students can access 24/7. Students receive an individualized pace plan that distributes content and assignments and due dates throughout the semester based on their date of first course access. All assignments are submitted online and are graded by the instructor. Students can log in and work any time but they must submit assignments by their posted due date to avoid late penalties. The time requirement is similar to that of a face to face course. For a half unit course, students can expect to spend 1-2 hours per day working in the course (roughly equivalent to sitting in a face to face to course and then completing homework, etc). Instructors are available by phone, email, text and a messaging feature within our learning management system. They also interact with students through class news and a class bulletin board.

Georgia Department of Education