Using a Chromebook with O365 and GaVS Classroom (Canvas)
Posted by Kelli Robinson on 09 September 2020 04:39 PM

If you would like to use O365 to create new files on your Chromebook, follow these steps.

Go to and login to O365 if you have not already done so. You will use the same GaVS email address and password as is used for the GaVS Classroom (Canvas).

Sign in

This will take you to O365 where you can access any of the web-based programs. You do not need to Install Office to use any programs from the web.

O365 web-based programs

Use Word or another program as needed to complete your assignment. Name your document and then you will see it in OneDrive.

O365 AppsTest Document

Now it is time to submit the completed assignment. Go to Assignments in GaVS Classroom (Canvas) and find the assignment you are wanting to submit and select New Attempt.

Select the Submission Type pull-down menu and select File if submitting a document. 

Then select More Options below Upload File.

If you have not logged into Office 365 from within GaVS Classroom (Canvas), you may need to login again.

O365 Login

Find the file you want to attach to the Assignment.

Select with a checkmark to the left of the name, select Attach File, and then Submit. If Attach File is not visible, scroll down within OneDrive.

Attach File

Once the document is submitted, this status timeline will show that the assignment is Submitted

It can be confirmed that the document was successfully submitted by looking in the right corner above the document.


Once an assignment is graded, the end of the status timeline will change from Not Graded to Graded.







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