Submitting an Assignment and Confirming Submission
Posted by Kelli Robinson on 01 October 2020 02:04 PM

Go to Assignments on the left-hand side of the page and open the specific assignment to submit. Notice on the status timeline on the page that there is a green check mark above Available while Upload is still available.

Scroll down the page and select the type of file to submit. Select File to upload a file.

Then select Upload File.

Option 1 - Finding a File on Your Computer Hard Drive

Find the file to submit if saved on a computer hard drive. Once it is selected, the file will be displayed as Uploaded in GaVS Classroom (Canvas). Select Submit.

Option 2 - Finding a File in O365 OneDrive

Select More Options below Upload File.

If you have not logged into Office 365 from within GaVS Classroom (Canvas), you may need to login again.

O365 Login

Find the file you want to attach to the Assignment.

Select with a checkmark to the left of the name, select Attach File, and then Submit. If Attach File is not visible, scroll down within OneDrive.

Attach File

Process Continues Here for Both Options - Finding a File on Your Computer Hard Drive OR Finding a File in O365 OneDrive

Once the document is submitted, this status timeline will show that the assignment is Submitted


It can be confirmed that the document was successfully submitted by looking in the right corner above the document.

Once an assignment is graded, the end of the status timeline will change from Not Graded to Graded.

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