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Special Needs Information
Posted by Sarah Newman on 15 October 2011 09:15 PM

Georgia Virtual School provides reasonable accommodations appropriate to the online environment for students with a current IEP, 504 Plan, ESL Plan, Medical Plan or Hospital/Homebound Status in place at their local public school. The local school system must inform Georgia Virtual School the student is being served under a special needs plan and upload the current plan/documentation to the student’s account profile for determination of appropriate online supports.
Students with special needs in private or homeschool settings may qualify to be served under a 504 Plan to receive accommodations reasonable and appropriate to the online environment. Private school facilitators should upload documentation of the disability to the student’s account profile. Parents of private or homeschool students should submit documentation of the disability via fax or email.
For more information, please contact Sarah Newman, Supervisor of Special Needs.
Sarah Newman, Supervisor of Special Needs


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