Applying for a Class
Posted by Jason Grizzle on 09 March 2012 10:47 AM

Applications can only be submitted in the student account.

Process Summary: Log in to registration, select course catalog, find the course(s) you'd like to take, and add them to your backpack. Once your facilitator approves you for the course(s) and determines payment, you may need to digitally sign a software release depending on your selected course(s). After your facilitator moves you to enrollment, then you're ready to take the student orientation course.

Select Course(s) From Course Catalog 1


Log in to registration and select the Course Catalog link. Select the grade level, semester, and subject you'd like. Select Search, and a list of courses will appear. Notice the backpack process graphic. This let's you know exactly where you're at in the enrollment process.

Select Course(s) From Course Catalog 2


Simply find the course you'd like to take, and select the Add to Backpack link. Notice the registration dates pop-up on the right side of the screen.

Select Course(s) From Course Catalog 3


After selecting Add to Backpack, you'll be presented with information about your selected course. Select the Add to Backpack button to continue.

Select Course(s) From Course Catalog 4


If you select an AB course, you'll be presented with an acknowledgement that you're taking a year long course in one semester. Simply select I Understand to proceed. If you feel the workload might be too much for one term, select the Select Another Course button to change courses.

Add Course(s) to Backpack


From here, you can review and remove courses from your backpack. Once you're satisfied with your course selection(s), select the Submit button.

Submit Backpack


Once you've submitted the course(s) in your backpack, watch your email for when your facilitator approves you for your course. Your facilitator also determines payment. You'll also receive notification if your course(s) require a software release. Simply log in to registration, and you'll be prompted to digitally sign any software release agreements. Once your facilitator moves you to enrollment, you'll be ready to begin the student orientation course.

Georgia Department of Education