Using the Auditor Role (Facilitators)
Posted by Jason Grizzle on 27 July 2012 11:45 AM

Using the Facilitator and Monitor Auditor Tool

(See attachment for directions with images.)

  1. Log in to your GaVS account.
  2. Click Brightspace Access on the left side task menu.
  1. The student bulletin board and announcements are visible from the home page of the learning management system.
  2. To view content within the course, please click on the course name under the My Courses widget.
  1. To view detailed grades for a student, click on Audit Users in the Auditor’s widget.


My Courses will show the course homepage, course checklist, content and teacher contact information.


Audit Users will show detailed grades on each assignment and login history.

 using the facilitator auditor tool.pdf (87.61 KB)

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