Course Materials
Posted by Margaret Thomas on 04 March 2013 01:44 PM

Most Georgia Virtual School courses do not require a physical textbook or additional materials. For courses that do require additional materials, GaVS does provide these materials to students.* During the registration process for courses that require additional materials and/or textbooks, students are required to complete a release form. The release form verifies your mailing address as well as serves as a sign-off stating that you will return the materials once the semester has concluded. The course materials are shipped to students free of charge.

*Courses requiring shipment of materials: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Env. Science, AP Physics II, and Visual Arts Comp.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding materials

  1. When should I expect to receive my materials?

GaVS does not ship materials until two weeks prior to the start of the semester. Once you are enrollment complete for a course, GaVS will ship materials to your address listed on your student account.

   2. How do I know my materials will come to the correct address?

Make sure your student profile (accessible on your student dashboard) is up-to-date. When you apply for a course that requires materials, you arealso prompted to enter an alternate address for shipping in case you will be away from home when materials will be shipped.

   3. What do I do if I do not receive my course materials?

Contact your GaVS facilitator right away. If you are already enrolled in class and the semester has begun, contact your GaVS instructor as well.

   4. How do I know the replacement cost for my course materials?

You can find all replacement costs here.

(Note: All materials shipped to GaVS students are used during the semester and not required to be returned.)


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