Summer Frequently Asked Questions
Posted by Margaret Thomas on 04 March 2013 01:46 PM

Registration Opens: May 1, 2021

May 15- Student Orientation opens
June 7- Classes begin

June 11- Last day to pay for summer classes
June 14- Last day to start summer classes
July 5- Independence Day Holiday

July 9- Last day to withdraw from class

July 10-15 Final Exams week
July 16- All classes end
July 22- Final grades released

1. Are all courses offered in the summer?
Check the course offerings list:
Usually all high school courses except for Advanced Placement courses are offered. Please click the course name to read for more info. For middle school, 6th-8th grade math, language arts and science are offered as a review of all the GA Performance Standards. The courses can be used for remediation, review or preview.

2. What do summer courses cost? Are any courses free?
Summer courses are $250 per half unit and $500 for a full unit course. VISA or Mastercard are accepted online paid through the student account.
Middle school courses are $250 each.

3. Do you have to log in everyday?
Beginning on your start date, you must login every weekday. A half unit class will average 4 hours of work per weekday, and a full unit class could average up to 8 hours per day. You are doing 18 weeks of work in 5 or 6 weeks.
Middle school students may expect 3 hours or so of work per weekday.

4. Is this summer program independent study?
No, the courses are taught by highly qualified Georgia certified teachers, and there is a pacing schedule to follow with penalties for late work.

5. How do I access the courses?
Courses are available from any reliable internet connection 24/7.

6. How do I contact my teacher?
Instructors will post their office hours and contact information on the course homepage. Phone, email and the internal pager (like instant messaging) are available.

7. What if I have a camp or vacation planned during the session?
You must have a minimum of 5 full weeks that you can devote to the course. If you have less time than that, you will not be successful.

8. How do I get the credit put on my transcript?
Schools must approve your application(s) and in doing so, are agreeing to accept the numerical grades earned and award the credit according to local school policies.

9. What if I need to withdraw from the class?
After 3 school days from date oriented no refunds are given, but you may withdraw up until the last week of class. If you attempt the final exams, you cannot withdraw.

10. How do I get enrolled?
From the main website (, follow the Login to GaVS link and Register for a STUDENT account. Apply for courses from your student account. Your school must agree to participate and approve your online application.

11. Is there any kind of Orientation?
There is nothing face to face, but an online Student Orientation Course is available before the session begins. If you have not taken it previously, GAVS requires that you take it.

12. Do parents have access to student progress?
Yes. A parent may register for an account which will provide access to grades during the session.

13. Can I take my final exam early?

No. GaVS has a final exam week, and students must take exams during that week. Students should not enroll in a summer course if there is a conflict with the final exam week.

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